Our feet are on the ground, but we all have a connection to flying. One of us is a helicopter & drone pilot. Another, the daughter of a career US Air Force pilot. One flies the world as a tour escort in addition to her real estate career.

Two of us have degrees in accounting, were born in Wichita and lived for a time in Africa. The other has lived abroad at foreign duty stations.

Annette Harper

Annette Harper




I was born in Wichita, received a degree in accounting and am the tour escort that loves foreign travel. My parents own a travel agency named Great Adventure Tours (, and I am fortunate to be able to escort tours a couple of times a year. I’ve been to all seven continents.

As a child I lived for four years with my family in Ghana where my parents were missionaries. We had lots of unusual pets, but my favorite was an old world monkey. We traded four loaves of bread for her and named her Manna. Here at home in the United States I am happy to spoil my dogs and cats.

I’ve been licensed since 2004 and am a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider as well as a Top Producer in my company.  Most of my business comes from satisfied past clients who continue to recommend me.

My favorite past destinations:  Alaska and Greece.  My future dream destination: Egypt.

Dee Anderson

Dee Anderson




I’m the Air Force brat born at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita and spent years in base housing. I lived a year in Morocco as a 7 year old and found that what constitutes a house is different in other parts of the world. To this day I am fascinated with antique and rustic doors, locks and knobs. Decades later as a board member of Topeka Habitat for Humanity, I used my skills as both an accountant and licensed Realtor.

I have worn many hats professionally:  tax accountant, financial analyst and business and law office manager.  All of those experiences and skills come into play in real estate in navigating, negotiating and guiding complex transactions to a successful close.

I’ve been licensed since 2004 and am a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR).

My favorite past destination: Machu Picchu, Peru. My dream future destination: Italy.

Scarpignato, Nicole

Nicole Scarpignato




I’m the helicopter and drone pilot.  I joined the US Air Force at 18 and served for 11 years years before coming to Topeka in 2020 to become a civilian helicopter pilot. During my time in the military, I received a degree in Electronic Systems Engineering and Homeland Security.  Like Annette, I have traveled widely—having explored 49 states and 36 countries.

In 2023 I traded my helicopter license for a real estate license.  I am happy to be working with two experienced agents. My primary focus on the team is buyers, but I am happy to represent sellers as well.

My favorite past destination:  Prague, Czech Republic.  My future dream destinations: Thailand and India.