More About Us

I was born in Wichita, received a degree in accounting and am a tour escort that loves foreign travel. My parents own a travel agency named Great Adventure Tours (, and I am fortunate  to be able to escort tours a couple of times a year. I've been to five of the seven continents.

As a child I lived for four years with my family in Ghana where my parents were missionaries. We had lots of unusual pets, but my favorite was an old world monkey. We traded four loaves of bread for her and named her Manna. Here at home in the United States I am happy to spoil my dogs and cats.

I've been licensed since 2004 and am a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider as well as a Top Producer in my company. I am on the Hearts For Homes Team ( with Dee Anderson. Most of my business comes from satisfied past clients who continue to recommend me.

My favorite past destinations: Alaska and Greece. My future dream destination: Egypt.